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Hello Everyone,

If you don’t know me by now, my name is Delaina M. Waldron.  I am the author of HerStory, a paranormal thriller that takes the reader on a journey in the life of a young African slave woman named Ayira.  Ayira has a dark secret, a dark secret she does not understand and a dark secret that is beyond her control.

Ayira can see into the past and the future and she can also speak to the dead.  She is rescued by a Native American tribe and it is up to her to prevent the Indian tribe’s fatal outcomes.

As my first blog post, I wanted to introduce my novel HerStory and if you read the novel HerStory, I would love some feed back on HerStory.  Whether good or bad, as long as it is professional of course.  I would like to know what you think about the characters, the story, anything.

I would also like to know what convinced you to read my novel HerStory.  What attracted you to HerStory? Was it the book cover? The book blurb? The characters? The backdrop and where the story took place? Or maybe the story itself?

I would also like to thank you for reading HerStory and If you haven’t read it yet, I thank you ahead of time 🙂     I wanted to share my story with the world and finally bring my characters to life.  So again thank you.

Delaina M. Waldron